Request an exam with Adapted Procedure(s) (AP)

If you have a disability (e.g. a visual or auditory impairment, dyslexia etc.) you can request an adapted procedure (AP) when booking the CNaVT-exam. This means that you can sit (a part of) the exam according to a procedure that is adapted to your abilities.

When booking the exam in the Administrative Module, you can indicate your disability and give a detailed description of the functional disability and the resulting requirements you have for the exam procedure. Please note that a medical certificate of the disability is mandatory. This medical certificate must be translated into Dutch.

Based on the medical certificate and your request, the exam committee proposes an exam procedure adapted to your needs. This AP is sent to you and the exam centre where you wish to take the exam.

When you and the exam centre agree on the AP and sent it back to the CNaVT signed, the AP is a valid exam procedure that both parties adhere to.

Please note that exam requests with AP take more time to review in the Administrative Module. The exam committee has to review the request and the medical documentation, and propose an AP to both candidate and exam centre. This AP should be signed by the candidate and exam centre. Finally, the exam centre needs to accept the exam request in the Administratieve Module.

If you have questions regarding this procedure, please contact the CNaVT-secretariaat at
To apply, you follow the steps in the Administrative Module:

1/ Select the exam.
2/ Choose an exam centre.
3/ Indicate ‘yes’ when asked if you want an adapted procedure (AP).
4/ Give a description of the disability and explain your requirements in the exam procedure.
5/ Upload the medical certificate (translated into Dutch!).